New Atlantis condo rules for owners, and renters

New Atlantis condo rules for owners, and renters

All possible owners/renters are subject to a background checks and interviews.

Rental occupancy for a 1 bedroom unit is 2 people
Rental occupancy for a 2 bedroom unit is 4 people
The association does not allow pets, NO DOGS,CATS, RABBITS,FERRETS GOLDFISH .HUMANS ONLY.
Placing towels, bathing suits, or any other items over the railings, is not permitted.
Hallways are to kept clear at all times, no chairs or objects are to be left out overnight. (This is a fire regulation).
Commercial trucks, sign written vehicles, trailers, jet ski's, motor boats, motor homes, or motor cycles, are not allowed on the property, call the office details.
Grilling is only allowed at the stationary grills, grilling outside your unit, is not allowed. (This is a fire regulation).
Cars or trucks must not be backed into parking places. Except for the purpose of loading/and unloading and then only for a short period.
Please do not throw your cigarette butts over the railings, or smoke in the elevators, or laundry rooms.

Please abide by the pool and spa rules.

No babies in diapers, swimmie's only.
No glass any where in the pool or spa area.
No large rafts or floats in the pool.
No diving or jumping in the pool or unnecessary splashing (think of our ladies hair)
Radios at the pool, or spa with earphones only, your music is great but keep it to your self.
Please lower the umbrellas when you leave the pool. (We do not want our umbrellas, doing a Mary Poppins, in the event of a storm.).

The pool rope is not a plaything, please do not sit or try to stand on it, it is a safety measure and state requirement, if you are the last one out of the pool ( even if other people are sitting around on the chairs or loungers, ) please replace the rope.

If a city inspector sees the rope not in place and nobody in the pool, they can shut the pool down for a period of time.

Pool rules are, to ensure that we all enjoy ourselves.

Going down to the pool early and placing towels or other objects on chairs or loungers, will not be honoured, and will be removed.

Please do not flush any thing down the toilets except toilet paper, no baby wipes, or so called flushable items, our pipe work is old and easily clogs up causing great problems to people on the first floor. (horrible problems !!!!!!!!!)

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Mail Information
  • Please do not tape your name on the mail box, as the USPS only looks inside the boxes. If you need to transfer your mail back to your summer residence, you can get a yellow card at the office to complete.