We are a gated community, you will be given a visitors gate entry code by the office and you will have to submit a telephone number for use with it. At the left hand barrier we have visitors communication panel, with all the owners name on it, your visitor can either scroll through the list of names or punch in your entry code and this will the phone number you have submitted to the office. The telephone number you have submitted will ring, and on ascertaining it is for you PUSH BUTTON 9 on your phone and the barrier will automatically raise, allowing your visitor to enter, you will not hear any more after this. The left hand barrier is on automatic entry MON/FRI 8am to 5pm, the right hand barrier is card or electronic clicker entry. Both barriers work with a card entry, but only the right hand barrier is operated with the electronic clicker.

Another day in Paradise

Mail Information
  • Please do not tape your name on the mail box, as the USPS only looks inside the boxes. If you need to transfer your mail back to your summer residence, you can get a yellow card at the office to complete.