We have 2 laundry rooms for general use, these machines do not take cash, laundry cards are available at the club house, to purchase or add value to your card, visit the smart card centre, located inside the club house, next to the front door and simply follow the instructions. Please be aware however, you must insert a $5 bill and a cash machine to top up these cards , to replenish/add value to your card you can use $5/$10/and $20's. There is also a machine in the West laundry room that allow's you to top up your card, BUT only by means of a bank card ( you will need to set up an online account to use this feature) The machines use high efficiency detergent ( HE ), therefore please use HE detergent, and do not overfill the machines. Also in both laundry rooms filtered water is available at a small charge, you will need your own 1 gallon container. Please leave these areas as you would wish to find them.

Another day in Paradise

Mail Information
  • Please do not tape your name on the mail box, as the USPS only looks inside the boxes. If you need to transfer your mail back to your summer residence, you can get a yellow card at the office to complete.